Amazing once in a life-time opportunity hosted by BakaBT

Some of us are poor you know! 🙁
3) Continue seeding and being active around the BBT community.
4) Take pictures for us to share on the blog! Hell, we even gave him spending money so that he could enjoy himself fully.
The only conditions we gave were:
1) Have fun.
2) We want -some- change. Back in August 2012 a member of the BakaBT community called Buchno managed to reach an amazing 10TB uploaded.
As with all 10TB+ uploaded people the staff of BakaBT wanted to congratulate him on his amazing work at seeding the community and using their own money, gave him an amazing prize. In this instance, he won a trip to Japan!
It was an all inclusive two week holiday, travelling first class all the time.

Enjoy! After the jump are the pictures. Remember to message me upon uploading 10TB too and you may just win a prize too!

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10 Responses to Amazing once in a life-time opportunity hosted by BakaBT

  1. deswryn_21 says:

    Not just the face, i understand that but if my eyes doesn’t deceive me, did someone just put the man (or woman)’s picture in the background. I noticed there’s something wrong in the pictures (literaly). 6th Picture is the giveaway. It seems edited. 6th and 7th picture (of the person) is the same; only resized.

  2. Hellfire says:

    Funny attempt for getting more people to seed. I’d reach those 10 TB fast if my ISP would actually give me the upstream they guarantee in my contract, however I can’t complain because I don’t speak hungarian :/ .

    Anyway, is he wearing socks in that stone garden?

  3. buchno says:

    deswryn_21: I have no idea what you are talking about, this was the greatest trip in my life!

    Hellfire: What good eyes you have, yes I am! They’re pretty expensive to buy in Japan, so keep your eyes on your footwear! My shoes got stolen by a monkey when I took a nap.

    • Hellfire says:

      all that eye training finally paid off. I’ll just ignore the badly cut pants as well. So I did hear that the japanese macau (however it is written) is very intelligent, but to steal shoes… tztz.

    • deswryn_21 says:

      Haha, next time take me with you. Must be a hell of a trip that’s why your pants became like that just like Hellfire said. (*giggles). Maybe it’s related to the topic? Now I’ll check this blog from time to time coz it gives me smile on my ugly face. 😛 I get it now. Ok, ok.

  4. 11rcombs says:

    Can’t believe I didn’t notice that myself <_<

  5. Sarcazmo says:

    I was disappointed to see that all the original photos were tracked down. That’s some absolutely horrible photoshopping!

    Is this actually a pathetic attempt to get people to seed? Really now? I don’t quite know what to think of this. Or is it a joke?

    I sure hope it’s the latter, otherwise Chiyachan seems pretty desperate

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