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So you have a suggestion for BBT

The Idea So Good No One Could Possibly Resist Implementing It. We come across such ideas every so often; the very mention of them must naturally, automatically result in perfect, working solutions without any … Continue reading The Best Idea in the World.

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4 Things I Don’t Miss

Among the first questions I always get asked in response to this is “Why?”. The primary reasons are already outlined above, but surely there’s more … Continue reading So, it seems people are finally getting used to the idea that I’ve stepped down.

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Just for Kagenoryu

No, he wants it public and noticeable so people know his reasons for doing so. Unfortunately, at the moment our system does not send out … Continue reading User Kagenoryu is thinking of unregistering his account, but not just through any ordinary method.

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Thank you for your support so far

It seems the site came back up again while I was asleep; Leaseweb found we were no longer being spammed with heavy traffic, and reconnected us. Not forgetting that we are being threatened with another DDoS in a week’s time … Continue reading

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Some Updates on the DDoS

[Brought over from the other blog domain; comments have been left unimported] Not much to say about the incident at this point, but I’ll just clarify some things on our side. [ninja-edit] By the way, we’re on IRC (#bakabt on … Continue reading

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Spotted on IRC: #bakabt-support < User> Hmm may i know what is the command for downloading certain naruto episodes at bakabt? < User> I was at the packlist page for it but can’t seem to find the specific command for … Continue reading

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This I noticed after looking at one of the recently granted offers, namely Princess Tutu OVAs. Dear readers and BakaBT users, Recently, I realised that we haven’t really been acknowledging the efforts of subbers, encoders, uploaders and such. How insensitive … Continue reading

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A Day In the Life

As any admin/mod knows, you will always be insulted for doing your job, no matter how conscientious, hardworking and good-natured you are (not that we are all of the above three, but I’m sure we fit at least one of … Continue reading

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A Spicy Surprise this season

“kureshii has been scarce lately because kureshii is super-busy with a bunch of stuff, but before kureshii leaves, kureshii will leave a blog post,” says kureshii as he tries to be a good host (I know MISAKA is pretty annoying, … Continue reading

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13 years ago, Madhouse animated Tetsuwan Birdy. Ok, so I’m many months late on this rant, but anyway. This is what it looks … Continue reading This is what it looked like: This year, in 2009, A1 Pictures animated Tetsuwan Birdy DECODE 2.

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