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Forum Gaming

Hidden away on … Continue reading So, let’s start off with something of interest to me. First of all, I’d like to apologise for not having posted in such a long time… Again. >_> Second of all, there’s been so much happening recently!

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Colouring Competition!

Click picture. Nuf said. (Requested by Phaedris)

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An Awesome Artist Has Entered The Fray!

Shameless advertising of a friends skill after the jump. (I am not being paid in any form for said advertising….) JUMP!

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Round Two of BxT Idol!

I blame Southrop. see how guilty he looks?) Anyway, the people who will be proceeding are as follows: Zone36 Fome Hikaroo Sephibox Tenikime Purple Kizunami Rockenroll Dootiez Fohfoh Hirose Jigenbakuda Lupajunie Naruchan16 … Continue reading Welcome to Round TWO of BxT Idol. (Finally.

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Lonely ♥’s – Wanted…. American……

My first blog post… EVER!!! (you can think Chiyachan for holding me at knife point!) I had no idea what to put at first and still don’t to be honest so I’ll think of the title last. Ello all. hmm… … Continue reading

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A Word From BxT Idol Judge, Cubensis

I just finished writing my current stance and veiws on the BxT Idol Entries Link Hopefully it will clarify a few things. Much Love, Cubensis

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BxT Idol!

I’ve got surprises in store for round two, so be sure to wait until said annoucement before recording your next entry if you’re in round two! Round Two will be starting at the end of this month. More information on … Continue reading

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Box Idol judging part 2

Yesterday was supposed to be the deadline <__< Linky EDIT: I should also mention that cube still isn’t done. It’s now 7:50PM, and judging is done.

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Box Idol judging

I feel the other judges need a … Continue reading I’m nearly done, and I have to say, we have some real gems in the entries. So, here I am, at 5PM, after staying up until 2AM this morning doing BxT Idol judging.

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BxT Idol! & New Competition!

Other the other hand … Continue reading As of this writing, only one judge has been making votes, and even so, they’ve only made votes on nine people. The current judges are being quite lazy. Seems that delays are inevitable in this case.

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