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Want to make a difference?

It’s a strange experience for me here as I’m actually writing this post almost a week in advance of it being posted. Good afternoon everyone, Chiya signing on. After having spoken to Duki we decided to leave this post pending … Continue reading

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Mod work.

So as we all know, I’m one of the lazier staff members around. -points to blog- Amazingly though I do do some work, today alone I’ve had the following and thought I’d share….

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Meeting the Plebians – BakaBT Official Meet-Up. September 2011.

Here be pictures of all the awesome people that came along to the public meeting on the 24th of September. Please send me pictures … Continue reading I want to thank for all for coming and hope you all had a great time.

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Staff Meeting – The Piccars.

As you are aware there was a public BBT meeting not too long ago. Most of you are NOT aware of the day before. Good evening boys and girls. In which it was a STAFF meeting where we ate Chinese … Continue reading

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The H-Bomb: Hentai

To every other non-Japanese fan of anime, more often than not he or she gets ridiculed for watching “silly cartoons”, and this is normal. If you have not, I salute your awesomeness. For every other non-fan of anime, he or … Continue reading

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Staff Tree, v2

Some time ago, an outside contractor produced her vision of the staff family tree.  Due to the changes that have happened since then, we thought we’d give you an updated look into the relationships that shape BakaBT. A little hard … Continue reading

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Just for Kagenoryu

User Kagenoryu is thinking of unregistering his account, but not just through any ordinary method. Unfortunately, at the moment our system does not send out … Continue reading No, he wants it public and noticeable so people know his reasons for doing so.

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I’ve been hiding out

Last quarter was pretty stressful. Soooo, regardless if you guys remember me or not, I’m going to make a post so you all don’t think I disappeared on you. Got in all of … Continue reading Life has been, in a word, hectic.

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… And A Happy New Year!

So on behalf of the Chan Legion… And this cute little girl. The Chan Legion hopes to cause more mayhem and panic all though the year… (But only when the staff ain’t watching!) … Continue reading Happy New Year and welcome to 2010!

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As the picture above says, Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome to the new dawning of so many things.

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