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It’s time for another staff treat for the members!

It may or may not represent the reality. I didn’t make much research on this on purpose so that I wouldn’t get influenced … Continue reading Disclaimer: Everything I mention here about authors, writers, etc… Are result of my view from my experience.

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A few Shaft Animes (Reviews)

Bakemonogatari aside, the Studio Shaft has published few other very good series. This time I’m going to review Dance in the Vampire Bund and Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica).

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Zettai Karen Children Review

I’ll first review the Anime and continue with the manga (which continues the story). Due to the good sales of the OVA and the manga, a second season is … Continue reading This time I’m giving you my opinion on Zettai Karen Children.

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Detroit Metal City (live action) Review

It’s actually… Just read on. You know, the anime with that weird looking guy singing heavy metal? You’ve all probably have heard of Detroit Metal City. They also made a live action adaptation of it, and you know what?

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Red Garden Review

Recently, while thinking what anime I should watch next, I stumbled upon Red Garden. The anime revolves around 4 (5) girls, of different cliques in a New York private high school that only had minor contact with each other and … Continue reading

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Bakemonogatari Review

He attracts many oddities (things that are not how they should be), and due to his personality tries to help. … Continue reading The story revolves around Araragi, who was a Vampire. This time, I will review one of my favourite animes: Bakemonogatari.

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Pumpkin Scissors Review

Five days earlier the same happens at the graduation ceremony at an officer academy. Pumpkin Scissors starts off in a war torn pile of ruins, where an armistice between the empire and the republic is announced. The Pumpkin scissors is … Continue reading

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Honey and Clover Review

ANN: Honey and Clover Love can be the easiest and the hardest emotion all at the same time. It can be easy to love somebody at first, but then seem like the hardest thing in the world to see that … Continue reading

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Kodomo no Jikan — I Can’t Wait for Ten Years

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Kimi ni Todoke Review

Please leave lots of feedback for this brave soul willing to throw himself into the deepend. … Continue reading Chiya Edit: First post from the open Blog BakaBT Scheme. This is my first ever review on BakaBT, so please, I hope you enjoy!

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