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All the secrets which Chiya really shouldn’t share, but does anyway!

Staff Meeting – The Piccars.

Good evening boys and girls. Most of you are NOT aware of the day before. In which it was a STAFF meeting where we ate Chinese … Continue reading As you are aware there was a public BBT meeting not too long ago.

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Some fun from staff lair

With the recent hardware failure we lost some our database among which were a few blogs… So to make up for the lost – time for some staff leak. Here’s a small collection of snippets from some of our discussions … Continue reading

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Closed for the week

[20:24] <Nazo|Dead> I should go into hiding for a while [20:24] <Duki> wai? [20:25] <Nazo|Dead> just too busy with stuff [20:25] <Nazo|Dead> and too much distractions from people at work [20:26] <Duki> rl troubles? [20:26] <Nazo|Dead> indeed [20:26] <Duki> been … Continue reading

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Ninjah Attackah!

So since you all decided not to join the Chan Legion, we have decided to yet again assault the main server. At around 14:00 GMT, one of our upper council managed to infiltrate the data center where the server is … Continue reading

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Management Updates! #3

Our armies are victorious! We have won! YES! [21:13] * Jarudin is now known as Jarudin-chan After a long and tedious war, the chan army have slayed the world and converted Jarudin to our own. With so few casualties too. … Continue reading

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Management Updates #2

As per last time, Jaruchan managed to get back in time to stop us from taking control and force renaming everyone. We’ll have more information on this as … Continue reading We, the Chanaholics have banded together and are attempting a second coup.

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Management Issues

The truth of the matter is that the staff (namely myself) have had a … Continue reading We’re truly sorry about this but we’ll have the site back up and running shortly. As you’ve noticed, there’s been quite a bit of downtime today.

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Decisions, decisions…

Hey, hey – this happens to be my first blog – so not to beat around the bush too much let me cut right to the chase. Staff decisions can be hard at times, and so here’s the latest leak … Continue reading

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Why are offers always ‘pending’?

I’m sure this is a question that you guys have all thought about before. So just why are so many offers left in the ‘pending’ stage for ages? Well, the answer lies in IRC, and I will share it with … Continue reading

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The behaviour of some users

It seems that some users believe that they are more important than others just because they can offer something that Box doesn’t already have, or is not easily acquirable over the great intarwebs. This does not give you license to … Continue reading

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