Mod work.

So as we all know, I’m one of the lazier staff members around. -points to blog-

Amazingly though I do do some work, today alone I’ve had the following and thought I’d share….

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Meeting the Plebians – BakaBT Official Meet-Up. September 2011.

Here be pictures of all the awesome people that came along to the public meeting on the 24th of September.
I want to thank for all for coming and hope you all had a great time. Please send me pictures so I can add into the gallery.
Also, be sure to ID yourselves so I can ID you in the photos.

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Staff Meeting – The Piccars.

Good evening boys and girls. In which it was a STAFF meeting where we ate Chinese and had an awesome time. As you are aware there was a public BBT meeting not too long ago.
Most of you are NOT aware of the day before.

Here. Have some pictures after the jump.

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Massive Update!

I jest, it will only be a few lines long today as it’s currently 0100 and I have to go to France.

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A little fun from support

[14:55] –> yoshi ([email protected]) has joined #bakabt-support
[15:00] <yoshi> help “Your account has been suspended.”
[15:01] <~Duki> My account?
[15:01] <~Duki> Why, what did I do?
[15:01] <yoshi> Idk why ??
[15:01] <yoshi> not its mine
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A few Shaft Animes (Reviews)

Shaft logo

Bakemonogatari aside, the Studio Shaft has published few other very good series. This time I’m going to review Dance in the Vampire Bund and Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica).

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Zettai Karen Children Review

I’ll first review the Anime and continue with the manga (which continues the story). Due to the good sales of the OVA and the manga, a second season is expected to air sometime 2011/12, I’m looking forward to it. This time I’m giving you my opinion on Zettai Karen Children.

All three

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Physics in Anime

There are many more animes, but those are the ones I remember. As examples: To Aru majutsu no Index series, Noein, Zegapain, Uchuu no Stellvia, Crest of the Stars and Planetes. Well while watching some animes, you might get confronted with certain physical theories.

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Detroit Metal City (live action) Review

It’s actually… Just read on. Continue reading They also made a live action adaptation of it, and you know what? You know, the anime with that weird looking guy singing heavy metal? You’ve all probably have heard of Detroit Metal City.

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A thought about Easter

Patricks Day) but I saw an anime covering Easter? St. There is a focus on every little day that I barely heard about (e.g. Why could that be? Well, with the German Easter holidays approaching, I started to wonder why there never was an Easter special in the animes I saw (at least I don’t remember). Whites day, St.

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